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Home to the Charmed Ones and their family for several generations, the Halliwell Manor is found in the center of both a spiritual nexus and magical one. It is the place where Prue, Piper, and Phoebe were raised. It is where Phoebe, Wyatt, and Parker (in the comics) were born. It is where Prue and Andy died, along with many others.

In the attic is the home for the Book Of Shadows and consequently, the location where a great many battles were fought and either won or lost. It is were a great many more battles were planned out and the point where many on the side of evil tried to reach in order to steal the Book for themselves.

Fire Breath

Fire Breath is the ability to produce fire when you exhale. Similar to the abilities of firestarters, it is coveted for it's destructive properties. It doesn't have to be destructive though. It can be a really helpful thing as well, start a camp fire without a match when you are really cold, cook your food really fast, maybe even while you chew it.

As with any power you have to be careful with it or you can cause things to happen that you neither planned nor wanted, like burning your house down around you while you sleep or burning the person who gets too close when you caugh.

Characters of the Month

Victor Bennett is the father of the oldest three Charmed Ones and after Piper and Leo's deaths he raised Wyatt and Chris. Chris looked up to him as the father he never really had and chose to stick with Victor over his brother time and again. When he saw his baby daughter murdered in front of his eyes, his grandson vowed to find a way to fix it, to give Victor back not just Phoebe, but fix the whole world if he could. It was a rather grandiose claim that Victor didn't expect him to be able to follow through on, but then Victor's daughters had been the Charmed Ones, so who knew.

Male Silhouette

Sadly there are no characters currently eligible for this category. If you have one, hurry up and get them uploaded onto this site and enter them for the month. We look forward to learning more about the characters found within the pages of the Charmed books as seen in Charmed fanfics.

Remember the characters eligible for this section must appear originally in the books. Happy writing.

Kama 001

Kama is one of the leaders of the cupids. Cilly Halliwell comes to her for help when her sister goes missing and Kama does what she can to provide it, although it has little to do with love beyond that of those who love Ladybug.

She is also the one that Cilly comes to when Cilly realizes that, much as she loves matchmaking, she must pursue her witch side over her cupid side. Kama tells her that since Cilly had already made a choice of her cupid side and is now taking that choice back, she cannot go back, but she does give Cilly an open ended invitation to enter the lands held by the cupids anytime she wants, assuming she can get there. Seeing as one of the results of this action is that Cilly looses all of her cupid powers, Cilly will need help with that. Kama is sorry to see Cilly make this choice, but she cannot do otherwise. If she did, it would set a precident she doesn't want to have.

Sam Winchester 01

Sam Winchester has been known to have visions of future events not unlike Phoebe's premontions. He has the ability to pull a demon out of a person they are possessing, but this ability drains him. At first in order to access it, he drank a lot of demon blood, but he became addicted and ended up starting the apocolypse. Without the demon blood it is difficult for him to access this ability, but not impossible. It drains him even more though. He has also shown an ability toward moving objects with his mind.

When he and his brother end up in San Francisco, an earthquake leaves Sam the only survivor of a motel collapse. Struggling with how to deal without his brother yet, again, Sam finds himself overhearing a conversation between one of the police officers involved in the investigation and a long bereaved father obsessed with the house where his son died over a decade before, a house that is now killing everyone who goes near it.

Sheldon 001

Sheldon Holbrooke went to work for the San Francisco Police Department so that he wouldn't be competing for promotions with his older brother, Mason. And since he wants at least the equivelant of Mason's job, it's a good thing. Unlike Mason Sheldon is much more open to magic. He sees it a lot when dealing with what is called between the brothers "Bianca's Special Projects". Granted most of those are freaked out and don't want to discuss it, so he finds himself covering up magical things and would be assassins who disappear in the blink of an eye.

It is to Sheldon's shock when he arrives in Wyatt's room and finds a "victim" who is even more cavalier about magic than he is and who figures if the police are going to be there he might as well say something about what happened, even if he is just as firm on keeping magic hidden as Sheldon is.

Phoebe 020
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Raindrops is actually a side story for Charmed: Heritage but it is being used as a template for story of the month right now.

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Female Silhouette

It was from a site, dedicated to a spin-off about Wyatt and Chris Halliwell that she was given the chance to enter a contest to write a pilot for a spin-off about the two brothers. Although she had played with various fandoms with her sister, she'd never actually written a fanfic (longer than a fewer paragaphs anyway) and decided to give it a try. She didn't win, but she got additcted. Looking back at that first fanfic in 2006 she still can't believe she wrote that, but it was the beginning of a series that she loves and the beginning of writing Charmed fanfics for her. Always in the middle of a story, even before she started writing fanfics, StoryGirl83 is still very big on Charmed, even as she is moving more of her focus onto her nonCharmed, nonfanfic writings, she has every intention of keeping her fanfics going until she finishes telling the story she set out to tell.

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"She has no head."
Arielle Rooks
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Charmed Heritage - Season One Credits B

Charmed Heritage - Season One Credits B

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