Steve Kessler (HERI)
Steve 001
Full Name Steven Kessler
Nickname(s) Steve
Spouse Sylvia Taylor
Sibling(s) Angel (Kessler) McInnis
Kid(s) Devia Kessler
Additional Info
Power(s) Unknown
Species Warlock
Series Charmed: Heritage
Appears In Season(s) 2
Number of Episodes 17
First Appearance
1X01 - The Magic Is Back
Last Appearance
1X17 - Something in the Water

Steve is a warlock that is trying to kill Wyatt and Chris Halliwell for vanquishing a darklighter he considered a friend.


Steve is part of a warlock coven. When the darklighter who was part of their coven, Dam Hartgrave (HERI), attacked Wyatt and Chris and was vanquished by them Steve promised him that he would get revenge. During one of his attempts, his niece, Brianna, found him out and began at once to try and talk him out of it for her cousin, his daughter, Devia's sake.


He had a sister, ironically called Angel who married a witch, Sean McInnis. Angel and Sean have a daughter, Brianna, who is definitely more witch then she is warlock. He married a nonmagical human, Sylvia Taylor. They have a daughter, Devia. Both Angel and Sylvia died before magic returned by nonmagical means.


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