Season One of Charmed: Heritage introduces a new generation to the joys and dangers of protecting innocents as they regain their powers for the first time in over two decades. As warlock works behind the scenes to seek revenge on Wyatt and Chris, things get complicated as their power of three is rendered unavailable when Phoebe goes missing and some surprising people show up.

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  1. The Magic Is Back
  2. Stolen Souls
  3. A Mother Knows
  4. Chris Perry's Favorite Relative
  5. A Friend In Need
  6. Anti-Orb Zone
  7. Morality Bites 2: Biting Back ~ Part 1
  8. Morality Bites 2: Biting Back ~ Part 2
  9. The Demon of Confusion
  10. Good-Bye, Centennial
  11. Phoenix Witch
  12. Wyatt's Friend
  13. The Power of Influence
  14. When Two Wrongs Make a Right
  15. My Curse on You ~ Part 1
  16. My Curse on You ~ Part 2
  17. Something in the Water
  18. A Brothers' Bond
  19. Just Imagine
  20. Witch Eater
  21. Paying the Piper
  22. Once Charmed

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