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Morality Bites 2: Biting Back ~ Part 2 (HERI)
1X08 - 001
Season # 1
Episode # 8
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Author(s) StoryGirl83
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Morality Bites 2: Biting Back ~ Part 1
The Demon of Confusion

Morality Bites 2: Biting Back ~ Part 2 is the eighth episode of season one of Charmed: Heritage.


Things go from bad to worse as those from the "Charmed: Witch Hunts" reality start to fade, literally, from view. They need to find a way to fix things fast or else they will lose them.


  1. Not All There
  2. Verification of a Bad Thing
  3. Freezing Out of Control
  4. The Brothers Two
  5. Odd Thoughts, Odd Feelings
  6. Powers Available When?
  7. Awkward Meetings
  8. News a Father Just Doesn't Get
  9. Daughters of the Dead
  10. Trouble Brewing
  11. A Father Daughter Moment
  12. Unwanted Interruptions
  13. Not Quite What It Seems
  14. Unhurried, Unworried
  15. Fair's Fair
  16. No Touching
  17. The Binding Spell
  18. Uh, Oh!
  19. One Last Shot
  20. Hank
  21. Why They Called Him
  22. The Negotiator
  23. Andy Makes a Choice
  24. Figuring Things Out
  25. Epilogue - Another Reunion



Main Story CastEdit

  • Prue Halliwell
  • Melinda Wyatt
  • Andy Trudeau

Flashback CastEdit