Leo Wyatt (HUNT)
Leo 005
Full Name Leo Wyatt
Born 1924
Died 1942
Parents Christopher Wyatt
Mrs. Wyatt
Spouse Piper Halliwell (ex)
Kid(s) Melinda Wyatt
Additional Info
Species Whitelighter
Actor Brian Krause
Series Charmed: Witch Hunts
First Appearance
Phoebe's Crime and Conviction
Last Appearance
One Witch Standing

Leo is the younger child and only son of Christopher Wyatt and his wife.



He is in the process of divorcing wife, Piper Halliwell-Wyatt. They have one child, daughter Melinda. He has a sister, Lydia, who died when he was a teenager due to complications in childbirth. He has a nephew, Christopher Logan, who is still alive, but he avoids making contact since as far as he knows his nephew knows nothing about magic and Leo is still a whitelighter bound by the rule to not contact those you knew in life.


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