Kasamir Dudarova (HERI)
Kasamir 005
Full Name Kasamir Dudarova
Born Prior to 1980; probably early 1970s.
Girlfriend Ava Nicolae
Kid(s) Kali Nicolae (HERI)
Additional Info
Power(s) Spell Casting
Species Gypsy
Series Charmed: Heritage
First Appearance
Imaginary Fiends (and Real Friends)
Last Appearance
Only One Story

Kasamir is the father of Wyatt and Chris's friend, Kali.


His name means "He who commands peace". He is mentioned in The Crazy Maker, though not by name. A few months later he diappeared, a victim of the demon from Imaginary Fiends (and Real Friends). Ava was pregnant with his daughter, Kali, at the time.

He wrote the spell Eternally cursed by Dudarova word, all this victim's summons heard to allow the author of The Crazy Maker and subsequent victims of Galskaper if they had someone use the spell to call him. As one of the few tangible things Kali knows about her father, this is burned in his daughter's memory and she was able to use the spell to help her then boyfriend, Gary Johnson when Galskaper was manipulating him.


He was dating Dr. Ava Nicolae when he was taken prisoner by a demon to be used an energy source. Several months later Ava gave birth to their daughter, Kali.


As a normal gypsy he only has limited spell casting ability, but he managed to gain a little notoriety with one of the spells he did cast. The spell was an attempt to help someone who was going crazy from a power they weren't supposed to have. The person he helped wrote a book about his experiences which included the spell Kasamir cast. Thankfully, he kept Kasamir's name out of it . . . Although the spell included Kasamir's last name, so perhaps it wasn't as ammonia Lisa's Kasamir would have liked.

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Season OneEdit

He is first mentioned in vague terms when his daughter, Kali, is trying to help her boyfriend deal with "The Crazy Maker" a demon her father had encountered through someone he knew. She uses a spell he wrote, going so far as to call upon his ancestral line rather than her mother's.

He finally shows up in the story "Imaginary Fiends (and Real Friends)" when Wyatt and Chris defeat the demon, Livskygge, who took him, along with many others, captive. Due to his lengthy captivity, he is weak and disoriented, but not so much that he doesn't manage to locate his former girlfriend and, unknown to him, the mother of his daughter, Ava Nicolae. Upon finding her home he is introduced to the five children she is working on adopting and ultimately to his own daughter as well when Ava calls Kali home to meet him.

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