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James Alden (HERI) is the older brother of Wyatt's girlfriend, Amber.


James's two younger sisters, Molly and Amber, vanished and everything changed. Despite the fact that he'd long since moved out of his parents home, they smothered him, trying to keep their one remaining child safe. He came to resent his sisters for leaving and went back and forth in his mind between desperately wanting them back safely and wishing he never heard their names, again.


James is the oldest of three children. He was a protective older brother who felt he failed when his sisters both disappeared. At the same time, his parents smothered him with attention, making him feel even more like a failure and pushing him away from his whole family. He is no longer close to any members of his family.

He is currently single. Although he dates, there is no special in his life and he has a hard time trusting.


He is nonmagical and has no powers.

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