Series Episode
Good-Bye, Centennial (HERI)
1X10 - 001
Season # 1
Episode # 10
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Author(s) StoryGirl83
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The Demon of Confusion
Phoenix Witch

Good-Bye, Centennial is the tenth episode of season one of Charmed: Heritage.


March 5, 2027 - It isn't a typical day at work for either Wyatt or Chris Halliwell when demons are sent to attack both brothers at work. An innocent party is attacked instead of one of the brothers and the other brother is in some serious trouble. Will everyone make it out alive?


0. Demon With a Jar
1. The Day Begins
2. Diversions Both Good and Bad
3. The Memory
4. Left for Dead
5. Time to Explain
6. The Hemophobe Saves the Day
7. A Special Phine
8. Picnic . . . Interrupted
9. Hospital, the Four Letter Word
10. Sad Remembrances and Strange Coincedences
11. Reconnasance and Battle Time
12. The Doctor
13. Dinner at the Manor



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