Faith White (CCRN)
Faith White (CCRN)
Faith telling Just to leave her.
Full Name Faith Dara White
Born Dec. 21, 2004
Parents Hope White
Michael White
Sibling(s) Mercy White
Justice "Just" White
Additional Info
Job(s) Healer for Wyatt's demons
Power(s) Healing (Others)
Orb (Self)
Empathy (Emotions)
Healing (Demons)
Species Dove witch
Actress Allison Mack
First Appearance
Mentioned But Not Seen
Last Appearance
Only One Story
Faith White is a Dove witch that "works" for Wyatt.



Faith is the middle child of Michael and Hope White. When Wyatt found out about the Dove's, he sent the demons after them. They killed Hope and chaught Mercy. Faith and Just got away. Later when she found there wasn't any hope of them both getting out of this, she sends Just on. She is chaught and later driven crazy by over use of her powers.


Faith is a dove White. She has healing both human and demon, empathy, and Orbing. She can't use magic to hurt anyone.

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