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Emily is a waitress at Piper's restaurant, The Manor. She found out about magic when Chris orbed her out of harms way. Her curiosity, especially about magic, is slowly integrating her into his life and that of those around him.


Emily first met the Halliwell's when she applied for a job at Piper's restaurant, The Manor. Her interview came at a time when Piper's family was all switched around and though Emily thought Piper was interviewing her, it was actually Wyatt. She got the job and everything went fine until she fell off a ladder and Chris orbed her out of the way of falling knives, introducing her to the world of real magic and pulling at her curious streak like crazy.

Speaking of magic, Emily grew up knowing all about it, just not the real magic that the Halliwell's used. As the sister of a well known magician, she helped him out in his shows a lot as the mysterious Lady E. her brother, Matt, insisted on anonymity for himself and those who helped him, especially his brother and sister.


Emily is the only daughter of Andrew and Rachel Colson. She has two older brothers who are very different from each other and from her. Matt tends to involve his younger siblings in his magic shows as Lady E and Math Guy. Nate frequently tries to avoid these in favor of the comfort of numbers. Both of her brothers are rather protective of their little sister and from time to time attempt to get Emily to cut all ties with the Halliwells. These attempts usually result in Emily being mad at them.


Being a nonmagical human, you would think Emily would have no magical powers, but being an apprentice in the art of illusion aside, she has a necklace, a gift from Chris, that allows her to cast spells using the horn dust of Wyatt's pet unicorn, El. The necklace can also be used as an S.O.S., causing Chris' identical necklace to light up when she presses too hard on it, supposedly indicating distress. It does not help locate her, only let Chris know she needs help, so sometimes it causes more trouble than it's worth.

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  • "Forgive me for stating the obvious, but doesn't Alanna shoot fire out of her hands? And doesn't Jani have ice in her veins . . . literally." - Something in the Water
  • "My roommate wasn't as lucky as I am. Doctor thinks I have a 24 hour bug. She's got the nine month and life." - Something in the Water


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